Today we went on a walk to Norfolk Park. We had to follow the map to find all of the numbered posts around the park. We saw lots of animals, sculptures and trees and had a lovely time.


Friction Fun

This afternoon we learnt about the force friction in science. We experimented with pulling an object on different surfaces and predicted which surface would create the most friction. We learnt that friction is really useful, especially on car tyres to stop the car from skidding.


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Different types of soil

Today we’ve been learning about different kinds of soils. We looked at sandy soil, clay soil, chalky soil and loam soil. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the soil and we tried to make all of the soils into balls. This told us what was the same and what was different about them!


“Louder” by Rodger Stevens

Today in Literacy we performed a poem! We worked well in pairs or small groups and decided to make a good performance we needed to:

  • Use actions
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Use actions
  • Change our voices for the different people speaking


We used the way the poem was written to help us decide how we needed to say each line (for example we spoke quietly when the writing was small).

Here is the poem we have practiced performing today, maybe you could have a go at home!