Autumn 2 newsletter



Cave Painting

This afternoon we had a fantastic art lesson. We presented we had gone back in time to the Stone Age! We went into our cave (under the table) and painted with Stone Age tools (match sticks)! We only had a few colours because in the Stone Age people painted with mud, ground up stones and animal blood (yuck!).  It was really tricky because we couldn’t use normal paint brushes so we had to really persevere to paint Stone Age hunters, mammoths, cave lions and deer. IMG_2262[1].JPG

Manor Lodge

Yesterday it was fun because we got to use face paint to pretend to be Stone Age people! – Libby

We got to make a Stone Age spear.- Sophie

I enjoyed hunting the deer!- Pacco

I enjoyed using the bow and arrows from the Stone Age.- Cameron

I enjoyed making a Stone Age Shelter with Maisey, Tiana, Harrison and Libby.- Millie

We did the treasure hunt and found the tags with the clues on. – Samara

We got to find out how Stone Age people moved Stonehenge! – Valerie

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Forest Schools

On Monday we completed our final forest schools session. We have LOVED forest schools in Aquamarine class!

In session 1 we looked really carefully around our secret garden to find different types of leaves and the trees they were from. Then we used clay to create our own creatures to live in the secret garden and left them for other people to find.

Session 2 was den building! We used sticks, material, stones, leaves and even some pieces of carpet to make some fantastic dens. 2 groups made flags to fly proudly at the top of their dens and once the dens had passed the ‘wobble test’ we enjoyed snuggling up inside them!

Session 3 was the one we had been all waiting for (except maybe Miss Croxall who was  a bit worried!)- FIRE! We got into small groups and used a flint to light small pieces of cotton wool on fire. We watched each piece shrivel up as it burnt and then someone else had a turn. We had to be really careful and only have fire inside the fire square. We also to kneel in the respect position so we could move away from the fire quickly if we needed to.

Then last but not least we all sat around a bigger campfire and enjoyed toasted marshmallows- yum!


Welcome to Y3 Aquamarine!

Today has been our first day in Y3.  We have already learnt lots of new things! We have started to learn about the Stone Age. Did you know that all of their clothes were made out of animal skin and fur?  We also had our very first French lesson!  We sang songs and now we can all say our names in French!  We think that Y3 is going to be lots of fun!!

Contraction Surgery!

Today in Aquamarine class we all became doctors! We even wore special doctor masks. We used our surgery skills to make contractions from two words using scissors (scalpels) to remove the letters we didn’t need. We then used plasters to stick our new contractions back together before adding an apostrophe. We really enjoyed being contraction doctors and we now all really understand contractions and omissive apostrophes!