We have had lots of fun using the coil method to make our very own Ancient Greek pots. We used slip to join the coils together and smoothed the coils with our fingers. Then we attached handles and painted them to show people, monsters and gods from the myths we have read in class.


Weston Park


We had a wonderful time on our trip to Weston Park Museum. We really enjoyed making the parthenon and dressing up at Ancient Greek builders! We learnt that the triangle part of the parthenon with pictures on is called the pediment and that there were 3 different types of columns!

Well Done…

Congratulations to this week’s winners!


Sophia: Writer of the week for her rhyming couplets.

Yuel: Mathematician of the week for having a breakthrough with grid method multiplication.

Temesgen: Star of the week for always making the grown ups in Y3 smile!

Friction Fun

This afternoon we learnt about the force friction in science. We experimented with pulling an object on different surfaces and predicted which surface would create the most friction. We learnt that friction is really useful, especially on car tyres to stop the car from skidding.


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Different types of soil

Today we’ve been learning about different kinds of soils. We looked at sandy soil, clay soil, chalky soil and loam soil. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the soil and we tried to make all of the soils into balls. This told us what was the same and what was different about them!