Colour changing celery!

We have completed an experiment using celery and coloured water. We put our celery into red water and waited to see what happened. The celery turned red! We decided this is because the celery had absorbed the red water through its roots. We proved this by measuring the water level at the beginning and the end, the water level has decreased. Therefore we knew that the water had travelled into the plant and up the stem.

Fish Tank News.

Today even more animals moved into our fish tank! We now have 2 snails and 2 shrimp. These animals are going to help keep our tank clean by eating all the dirt and algae from the bottom and sides of the tank. We are very excited to have more animals in Aquamarine class! IMG_1671[1]

Smartie Fractions

We had an amazing time this morning in maths! We wereworking with smarties to find fractions. First we counted how many smarties there were in our tube to find our denominator, then we counted how many there were of each colour to find our numerators. Some of us even managed to simplify our fractions and draw bars to show them! Of course we did then have to eat the smarties at the end of the lesson…

Trophy Week!


This week we finally got some magnificent trophies! We felt very amazed, shocked and surprised. We had been waiting all year to get a trophy other than Tidiest Classroom! Thank you and well done to everyone for being on time every day this week! Congratulations 🙂

Ancient Greek Art

This week we have been very busy making Ancient Greek pots! We looked at some examples and then created our own design. We used the myths we wrote in Literacy to inspire our pictures. Then we make our pots using the coil technique, which meant we had to make slip to stick the different coils together. It was really slimy! Once they were dry we painted our designs onto our pots. We think you will agree that they look amazing! img_15861img_15871img_15881