Potion Making

Today we had lots of fun in maths! We made a magical potion to banish monsters. There were lots of disgusting ingredients we needed to use like troll’s bogies and ogre’s sick, yuck! We used our measuring skills to pour the right amount into our bowl, stirred it 5 times and said some magical words to make the potion work. IMG_2463[1]


Clay Pots Part 1!

Today we started making our Ancient Greek pots! First we made a slip pot and a base. Then we made worms and attached them to the base to build up the sides. We used wooden tools and slip to stick the worms on so that they didn’t fall off. We are going to put handles on our pots this afternoon and then paint them next week so watch this space! IMG_2441[1].JPG

Buying a new class carpet!

Today we decided we wanted to buy a new carpet! We measured the size of our carpet squares using a measuring tape and then counted how many squared we needed on our carpet.

Then we realised we needed to find out how much one square cost. Luckily Miss Croxall had already found a company selling them for £15 each. We used a grid method to multiply the number of squares we needed by the cost and worked out that a new carpet would cost £360.

We are going to write a letter to Mr Sieczkarek to see if we can have one. IMG_2389[1].JPG

Live PE

Today we really enjoyed our special PE lesson! We joined in with a live PE lesson that lots of schools across the country took part in. We had different dances to join in with and then used the live games to work out fractions, percentages and decimals. It was a really fun way to learn maths and PE together!

Cave Painting

This afternoon we had a fantastic art lesson. We presented we had gone back in time to the Stone Age! We went into our cave (under the table) and painted with Stone Age tools (match sticks)! We only had a few colours because in the Stone Age people painted with mud, ground up stones and animal blood (yuck!).  It was really tricky because we couldn’t use normal paint brushes so we had to really persevere to paint Stone Age hunters, mammoths, cave lions and deer. IMG_2262[1].JPG