Fun Run

We all had a great time at Manor Fields this morning doing the fun run. We did a group warm up and then we all ran one lap of the field! Luckily nobody fell in the mud and  we all had lots of fun. Well done Team Aquamarine!


Soil in science!

This term we are looking at rocks and soils in science. We mixed some different soils with water and left them to settle. We were amazed at the different colours and layers that were created! We have set up a station in the classroom with torches and magnifying glasses so we can look closely at what happens.

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Have I Got News For You.

Yesterday Miss Croxall took a few lucky children to the Town Hall for a trip. We had a great day with the other schools there. We learnt about interviewing (and won the certificate for best reporters!), did a quiz and were a jury! We then had lunch in the Winter Gardens, we even had a chance to look at all of the different plants. Then a poet came in the afternoon and we wrote our own poem. We were so pleased with our poem that we performed it to the rest of the class today!