Mediterranean Painting

This week we have been learning about the weather in the Mediterranean. We have found out that it is hot, sunny and dry. Because it is so sunny we decided to paint some pictures of the sunsets in the Mediterranean. We looked carefully at some photos and talked about the different colours we could see. Then we mixed red and yellow paints together to create all the different colours for our paintings. Once our paintings had dried we used black paper to draw boars, birds, trees and fish to stick on our pictures. We think you will agree that our paintings look spectacular!



On Tuesday we went on a very long walk to Norfolk Park. When we got there we were given a map with numbers on. We had to walk around the park and find the numbers on our map. They were on wooden posts with letters on. We wrote the letters down and when we had finished the letters spelt out a word.

We also saw lots of exciting things in the park including squirrels, mushrooms, sculptures and dogs. We also listened to the birds singing and enjoyed running down the bank.

We had a lovely morning but we were all very tired when we got back to school!