Today we had lots of fun acting out our own Greek myths. We have based them on Theseus and the Minotaur but we have changed the hero, monster and setting. Some of us got chance to perform our myths to the class and they were very good. This acting will help us to write our myths this week.


Fish News…

We now have four lovely fish in our tank! Two male fish have moved in with Roxie and Ava. We have decided to name them Rio and Raphael and they are Danio fish. We have had lots of fun so far feeding them and cleaning their tank although the fish food does smell a bit bad!


This week’s winners are:

Star of the Week- Kian! For being really sensible and asking lots of great questions during our first road safety.

Writer of the Week- Nikola! For a brilliant play based on Theseus and the Minotaur.

Mathematician of the Week- Moustafa! For persevering in his new group until he finally ‘got’ it.


Well done to all of this week’s winners!

Road Safety Session 1

This morning we had our first road safety session. We learnt how to find a safe place to cross the road, check if the road is clear and how to keep checking while we cross. Then we worked out if it is safer to cross in a straight line or a diagonal line- it is definitely safer to cross in a straight line!

Please practice what we have learnt at school when you are crossing roads with children. We are looking forward to learning more next Friday!


Today we had a really special treat. We got to have a go at Judo! We learnt that Judo is a martial art from Japan and the word Judo means ‘the gentle way’. This meant we had to look after out partners and not hurt them. We were really impressed when the Judo teacher picked Ebony up and we couldn’t wait to have a go! We learnt that to win at Judo you have to get your partner to the floor and we learnt a safe way to hold them on the floor called the scarf hold. We all had lots of fun. Look out for the letters coming home about joining the Judo club!

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The fish have moved in!

Today the fish moved in! Miss Croxall floated the fish in the tank first to let them get used to their new home before she let them out. The two fish are guppies, one light and one dark. We will hopefully also be getting two danios and some shrimp but we can only introduce two new fish to the tank a week. Otherwise they will get very scared and stressed. We will be choosing names for them on Monday so watch this space! img_13511IMG_1352[1].JPG


A big congratulations to the children who achieved 100% attendance last half term in Aquamarine! They were:

Moustafa Abdalla

Naurus Ali Astor

Faith Barker

Sasha Cory Gee

Riley Crowder

Adeola Fadoju

Shanice Mahatta

Rut Mussie

Wendy Nnanwa

Jenson Smith


Keep it up and hopefully we will see you at the 100% disco!

A surprise from Santa!

When we got back to school yesterday there was a Christmas present on the carpet! When we unwrapped it we realised it was a fish tank and we were all very excited. Miss Croxall, Henley and Amelia set up the tank at lunch time with some gravel and ornaments. The tank has to sit for 4 days before it is ready for fish to live in it, so the fish will be moving in on Monday. Today we voted to have more smaller fish, rather than one or two larger fish. We will be posting lots of photos of our fish and how we look after them. img_13351