Persuasive performances

Today we rehearsed and performed our persuasive writing. We were trying to persuade people to buy our fossils, just like Mary Anning did! We had to use lots of expression, powerful adjectives, rhetorical questions and even special offers!  IMG_1836[1].JPG


Contraction Surgery!

Today in Aquamarine class we all became doctors! We even wore special doctor masks. We used our surgery skills to make contractions from two words using scissors (scalpels) to remove the letters we didn’t need. We then used plasters to stick our new contractions back together before adding an apostrophe. We really enjoyed being contraction doctors and we now all really understand contractions and omissive apostrophes!


Investigating Shape

Today we have been working really hard investigating shapes. We all had a challenge about making as many shapes as possible using only 4 multilink cubes! We realised we needed to think of more creative shapes or we would run out of ideas! Some of us then went on to try and draw the shapes we had made on isometric paper which was a real challenge. We persevered and worked really well as a team and every one achieved at least one drawing! IMG_1757[1]