Fish Tank News.

Today even more animals moved into our fish tank! We now have 2 snails and 2 shrimp. These animals are going to help keep our tank clean by eating all the dirt and algae from the bottom and sides of the tank. We are very excited to have more animals in Aquamarine class! IMG_1671[1]


Cleaning out the fish…

Today two girls were chosen to help Miss Croxall clean out the fish tank. Catching Eva, Roxie, Rio and Raphael with the net was really tricky but we managed it. Then we put them in a bowl of water while we cleaned the tank, gravel and ornaments. Then we filled up the tank again and Miss Croxall put the special chemicals back in. Then we cleaned the filter sponges and finally we put the fish back into their nice, clean home! We all got a bit wet but we learnt a lot about looking after the fish.