Different types of soil

Today we’ve been learning about different kinds of soils. We looked at sandy soil, clay soil, chalky soil and loam soil. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the soil and we tried to make all of the soils into balls. This told us what was the same and what was different about them!





We have been really lucky this week because we were able to work with some really powerful microscopes. We worked well with our friends to focus the microscopes and had lots of fun looking at things like seeds, jelly babies and even a dead fly!

Colour changing celery!

We have completed an experiment using celery and coloured water. We put our celery into red water and waited to see what happened. The celery turned red! We decided this is because the celery had absorbed the red water through its roots. We proved this by measuring the water level at the beginning and the end, the water level has decreased. Therefore we knew that the water had travelled into the plant and up the stem.